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Hardware Unboxed needs YOU!

Unfortunately the current YouTube ad landscape isn't so great for creators like us, with YouTube loving to push that demonetization button. But there's a way to help us out and support us directly, and that's by signing up to our Patreon here:

Why should I support Hardware Unboxed?
We work hard to deliver quality, in-depth tech content! We don't cut corners, except when it comes to sleep.

You might have seen our massive benchmark videos and other detailed analysis of current tech products. These videos take time to create, so supporting us directly will help us keep making this content, and keep our videos easily accessible through YouTube.

You'll also help us sleep and eat, so big thanks to all the fans and everyone who supports us directly.

What do I get out of it?
Firstly, supporting us directly will help keep the channel alive and help us keep making awesome videos.

But we do also provide exclusive benefits for those that support us through here. Patrons can access a monthly live stream with us, join our exclusive Discord channel to chat about tech, and even watch some exclusive behind the scenes videos.

We're offering a wide range of tiers so you can back us for whatever amount you like and get access to cool stuff. We didn't want to make anything too expensive, so backing us at any amount will get you access to exclusive content.

Thanks to everyone who watches our videos, engages with us, and supports the channel. Without fans like you, we wouldn't be in a position to make tech videos as a full time job.

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We publish a lot of content to Patreon. It's hard to find things. Here are some quick links for our members to use if they want to find our exclusive videos and other content.

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